2019 General Legislative Session Legislation and Appropriations Requests

SB134  – Campus Safety Amendments (House Sponsor: Rep. Lowry Snow)

At the House committee hearing, Matt McCluskey testified that “[I]f this bill had been in place before, it would have reduced the chances my daughter would have been killed.” He made a request to lawmakers, “Jill and I really only have one request, and it is a simple one. Remember Lauren Jenifer McCluskey…Remember how she lived. Remember how she died. And through your actions, honor her memory.”

SB162 – Corrections Officer Certification Amendments 
(House Sponsor: Rep. Jim Dunnigan)
This consensus bill allows an individual to be employed at 19 years old, with determined limitations, as a correctional officer in a jail (not prison) facility. An individual, at the age 18, can be a firefighter, an emergency medical technician, a member of the United States Armed Forces, a volunteer or civilian at the jail. This is a 3-year pilot program to provide evidence-based outcomes.

SCR 2  – Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Navajo Code Talkers 
(House Sponsor: Rep. Christine Watkins)

SJR 1 – Joint Resolution Supporting the Study of Water Banking in Utah 
(House Sponsor: Rep. Stewart Barlow)
In its most simple form, a water bank facilitates the voluntary, temporary transfer of the use of water rights from one user to another. This tool is used to address increased water demand and other pressing needs, and may provide Utahns a flexible market means to more efficiently use water.
This resolution was to educate, and to support my companion appropriations request of $400,000 one-time funds to leverage up to $400,000 for a Water Smart Grant, and to prepare for future legislation and pilot programs (for instance, in the Provo River and Cache Valley area). Appropriation request fully funded

SB 61  – Poll Hours for Early Voting (House Sponsor: Rep. Steve Eliason)
This bill removes the poll hour closing requirement on the last day of early voting, to allow clerks the flexibility to have early polling locations open after 5 pm, as is available on other early voting days. Having the 5 pm limitation only for the last day of early voting caused a great deal of confusion and frustration.

SB 62  – Campaign Finance Revisions  
(House Sponsor: Rep. Brad Daw)
This bill amends laws related to campaign finance and financial disclosures of candidates and officeholders. It allows for more consistency and understandability. This bill was supported by Lt. Governor’s Office, Utah Association of Counties and County Clerks (statewide).

SB 65  – Utah Noxious Weed Act Amendments (House Sponsor: Rep. Brad Daw)
This bill amends the Noxious Weed Act regarding membership on county weed control board.

SB 81  – Native American Remains Amendments (House Sponsor: Rep. Douglas Sagers)  
This bill relates to the important process for the repatriation of Native American remains.

SB 101  – Navajo Code Talker Recognition (House Sponsor: Rep. Christine Watkins)  
Appropriation Request for Signage Fully Funded 
This bill recognizes Navajo Code Talker Day every year and names SR 162, SR 163, and SR 191 in San Juan County as Navajo Code Talker Highway.

SB 88  – Crime Victims Restitution Amendments (House Sponsor: Rep. Craig Hall)  
This bill’s amendments modify restitution criteria that a judge considers, including expenses for security measures put in place by a victim in response to a criminal offense.

SB 89  – Conflict Disclosure Amendments (House Sponsor: Rep. Brad Daw)  
Appropriation Request fully funded
This bill amends provisions relating to disclosures of potential conflicts of interest by state elected officials by requiring the Lieutenant Governor to establish a website to house conflict of interest information. It provides for increased understanding, ease and transparency to candidates and the public.

Following the 2019 General Legislative Session, Sen. Iwamoto:

  • Spoke at the 2019 Water Law & Policy Seminar in St. George
  • Was named a 2019 Business Champion by the Salt Lake Chamber for her pro-business votes
  • Was recognized by Alliance for a Better Utah as the highest scoring senator in their progress report
  • Received a “shout out” from NewAmericanLeaders.org for passing all of her bills

Congratulations to Utah State Senator @JaniIwamoto for passing all of her legislative bills this session, including those extending early voting hours, campaign finance law, and recognizing Navajo Code Talkers! https://t.co/5tYp0cCswJ— New American Leaders (@NewAmericanLd) April 15, 2019

During the 2019 Interim Sessions, Sen. Iwamoto serves on the following committees:

  • Government Operations
  • Natural Resources, Agriculture, & Environment